Architectural Design and Older Buildings

Victorian old building

There are a lot of old and listed building in London, as beautiful as they are, when planning and renovation projects there are additional things to consider. The first thing to do is understand whether you are actually allowed to do any work to your property. If it is listed, then there are restrictions about what you can and can’t do and even the methods or materials used in any construction work.

Planning Considerations

This is why it’s always a good start to contact your local planning department, alternatively you can engage an Architect or Architectural firm such as MSK Design to do this on your behalf. You may require not only planning permission, but also listed building consent if applicable to your property.

For very old properties there is very limited work that can be done and in some cases the local authority will request advice from English Heritage. If you have a grade I or II listed building, you may need to have a good knowledge of the history of said building to help your case. Many people are turned off from doing any work, purely because it can be difficult. But it’s not impossible to gain permission, so if you are keen on forging ahead then you should definitely explore your options further.

All About the Architectural Style

When thinking about working on an older building, it’s important to ensure that the new work is in keeping with or complements the existing structure. Sometimes very modern mixed with very old can look amazing and the contrast can be pleasing to the eye but get it wrong and you could be stuck with something wholly unattractive. That’s why at MSK Design, we will always offer advice to try and ensure the finished result looks fantastic.

It’s not just the building work itself that requires thought, the interiors also need to be carefully designed. Things like staircases, kitchen units and bathrooms. The type of windows and doors used. There are a whole host of elements that can go into a renovation project that need additional care with older style properties, from the more structural right through to the colour of the walls.

Use of Materials

The materials used in renovating old building will be different than modern style properties. You may even need to employ more traditional techniques such as repairing a thatched roof. Working with an Architectural Designer such as MSK Design can benefit here too, we understand that differing techniques and materials used in all kinds of buildings and can help project manage, from putting the client in touch with specialist trades to sources old materials.

If you are considering work on an old building, then why not get in touch today for an initial conversation about your ideas and requirements to see if we are a good fit!

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