Architectural Specialists in London

MSK Design is an architectural firm based in Barnet, North London specialising in architecture, planning, design and interior design. Not only is MSK Design well established they are also experienced in everything from loft conversions and home extensions to commercial architectural projects and residential developments as well as offering an interior design service too.

Barnet Architectural Interiors projectSome of the many benefits of working with a firm of design and planning specialist like MSK Design is that they are well versed in all local Barnet and  London planning policies and are experienced in getting your vision from being an idea inside your head, to putting it down on paper and then working with local planning departments to get your application accepted.

Creating Amazing Architectural Spaces

For MSK Design architecture is so much more than just adding space to a room, it’s about the use of that space and how to get the most from it whilst still maintaining good design. It’s amazing what a difference using a room in a different way can achieve and this is why working with a reputable and talented firm of professionals makes all the difference.

We ensure that the structural design, interior plans and Architectural plans Barnet all work together to achieve a fantastic space, making sure the work is completed on time and on budget. We are trusted by many leading London construction companies and often get referrals to work with their clients because they know that we take all aspects into consideration.

There is no point for example in coming up with a beautiful design that we know will sit outside of your budget when it comes to the construction and we pride ourselves on taking an all en-compassing approach to our work. So if you are looking to work with an Architectural specialist in London then please do get in touch to discuss your project in more detail.