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Being able to develop a project in London is an exciting time, and when you work with MSK Design, you can really get creative! At MSK Design, we provide you with a full architectural range of services across London and it doesn’t matter whether you want an extension on your home or you want to develop a new commercial property, MSK Design can help.

If you are considering whether you should Use MSK Design for your next project, take a look at how we can help you to do better!


At MSK Design, we are proud to offer our customers a fresh approach to development. We offer you the chance to develop your home with your ideas, and we bring them to life while giving you our expert opinion on how you can improve even further. It doesn’t matter how difficult the setting may be, you can work with any of our amazing planners to create fantastic spaces that suit you and your vision.


Since 2007, we have worked very closely with residential homeowners and property developers to help them to realise their dreams – you can add yourself to our success list if you want to work with a company that cares! We know how to gain the planning permission that you need and we are proud to boast a high success rate. As London development architectural experts, we know the hoops that must be jumped to work in the city. Our experience spans developments of all sizes, and they’re not just residential, either! We’ve worked with commercial blocks as much as we have private homes and we achieve the same success.

Close Relationships With Planners

At MSK Design, we know how much of a minefield it can be to achieve the planning permission that you need – especially in a city like London. We have the proven ability to help you to maximise your development potential in the city, and we have a very in-depth knowledge of the planning process. We can help you to stick to your budget and your schedule, and we will meet your expectations every single time.

Past Successes

Regardless of the size of your development, we can ensure that you have the right planning from day one. Our past successes are detailed on our website and you can see how we have enhanced the experience of our past residential and commercial clients. From concept to creation, your project is going to be developed well throughout every single stage.

Contact Us Today

Regardless of your project demands, calling us today can get you started with the right team working with you. You deserve to have a development supported by expert London development architects and we can help you there. Our experience, our reputation and our ability to help you with your development whether that’s a compelete refurb, loft oonversion project, extension, new development or change of use is evident from the moment you speak to one of our experts. Call us today and let’s get started.

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