project managed building workBuilding projects, be they large or small, are always endeavours which are more likely to yield impressive results if they are efficiently and effectively run throughout. It is for that reason that many people embarking upon such a project are tempted to try to take on as much of the responsibility for the project as they can themselves.

Whilst the idea that if you want a job done right you have to do it yourself is a fair one in many fields, however, in the case of a building project it can often prove counterproductive. Continue reading

Buckingham Palace LondonCities are in many ways defined by their skylines and by how iconic buildings create a lasting impression on anyone who has visited or even simply seen them.

There are few better examples of this than London, which is a city featuring world famous buildings from a plethora of different eras and architectural styles. Continue reading

residential to commercial developmentAre you considering changing a property you own from residential to commercial use? If so, it’s not as easy as just changing a bit of layout, there are much greater implications you need to consider, some of which are touched on below. It can get complicated however and it would be risky to try and navigate your way around the various laws and so on without the help of an architect experienced in this area. Continue reading

Architect at workWhether you’re planning a new build, a significant remodelling of an existing property or perhaps a renovation project, it’s likely that cost-efficiency and staying within budget is foremost in your mind. For that reason, and especially if you have a degree of expertise within the construction industry, you might be toying with the idea of doing without the expense of hiring an architect. Continue reading

small terraced housesFor those who live in smaller properties, trying to find enough space to store all of your belongings is often a daily struggle. With rent prices and the housing market as it is, too, upsizing is simply not an option for most. Storage solutions that help to make the most of the space which is available, therefore, are invaluable and the following represent five of the most innovative such solutions which could prove a godsend. Continue reading

London changing architectureArchitecture has changed over the centuries and no where is more evident of these changes than England.  Here we discuss a few different architect styles: Continue reading

Architects of LondonBritish architecture has a rich heritage, with such luminaries as Christopher Wren, who designed St Paul’s Cathedral with its grand dome, which is instantly recognizable in the London skyline. Continue reading