remote working

Working from home is becoming more widespread as employers understand the benefits it can have, not only on the morale of their staff but in levels of productivity. If you have recently made the switch to homeworking then this guide is just for you. Here are our top tips for working from home. Continue reading

commercial architect

Our Commercial Architecture services offer all that you need to carry out the architectural requirements of your business. We are specialists in the field and have worked on a variety of projects over the years that we have been providing Commercial Architecture services. When you have plans to grow your business, Continue reading

party wall

If your residential or commercial property shares a wall with another building, the prospect of completing any project that involves work on the party can raise a lot of questions. If you’ve started your research, you may have encountered the term ‘Party Wall Award’. But what exactly does it mean? Here’s all you need to know. Continue reading

project manager

In a perfect world, the team carrying out the renovation or extension of the home would be able to run like clockwork without anyone to help them. However, these are often large, complicated projects that can be hard to organise from within. When it comes to ensuring things run on time (and within budget), a project manager can be a great help. Here’s how. Continue reading

image of planning documents

You’ve just secured the property of your dreams. It’s a fixer-upper with amazing potential. Or perhaps you’ve acquired a plot that’s just bursting with promise. You have big ideas and even bigger ambitions for the property or plot and you’re raring to go. There’s just one snag- overcoming the administrative hurdles before the project can begin in earnest. Whatever grand designs you have in mind for your newly acquired property, it’s likely that you’ll need planning permission from your local authority. And this isn’t always easy to come by. Continue reading

house interior

A self-build is the ultimate form of self-expression. It allows you and your family to live in a home that is well and truly yours. It enables you to build with your exact needs and preferences in mind, rather than the needs of a property developer whose primary goal is to turn a profit. You’ve worked long and hard to transform your new home from a set of blueprints in an architect’s office to a standing testament to your ingenuity, imagination and passion. So, now that your new dream home has been built… What about the interior. Continue reading

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Wherever you travel in the world, there are bound to be plenty of hotels to pick from. Sometimes, we’ll opt for something budget that will put a roof over our head for the night before we continue on our adventures the next day. But sometimes, the places we stay can have just as much impact on our overall experience of a trip as the landscape, local cuisine, entertainment, and sights that we see. So, we might want to choose somewhere a little more inspiring. Architects have worked around the world to create some truly stunning and stand-out hotels. So, let’s take a moment to admire a few! Here are some of our favourites! Continue reading

home extension image

When you’re thinking about taking on a new project, it might seem appealing to contact a corporate company. However, there are many benefits of choosing a local architect for your property plans or renovations. If you’re looking to take on a project in the North of London it makes sense to hire a North London based architect for a number of reasons. A smaller firm may be a better choice for you simply because of their knowledge of the local area. Hiring an architect is a huge venture in its own right, so you want to ensure you are making the right choice. Continue reading

Oldest houses in the UK

The United Kingdom is steeped in unique history that dates back several millennia and some of the earliest houses in the country were built during 3700 BC. In this piece, we’re going to take a look at some of the oldest houses in the UK.

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