Oldest houses in the UK

The United Kingdom is steeped in unique history that dates back several millennia and some of the earliest houses in the country were built during 3700 BC. In this piece, we’re going to take a look at some of the oldest houses in the UK.

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extending commercial premises

Extending your commercial premises can accommodate the growth of your business in several ways, providing space for more inventory, an increased number of staff and / or larger manufacturing processes. While extending can be a good investment and a profitable undertaking, the planning process can often be complex to navigate. Below is a summary of some of the considerations your business will need to take into account.

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awaiting garage conversion

Using an architect to help with your garage conversion  can ensure your space is maximised and designed in a way that combines your design aspirations alongside the practicalities of actually living and using the new room. Converting your garage is a relatively inexpensive way to increase your usable living space, whether you want to create an additional room or extend an existing one. Continue reading

natural flooring

Few people would dispute that natural flooring looks great and feel wonderful underfoot. They work equally well in both modern and traditional homes and go with almost any decor. If however you are concerned about how to look after finishes like natural wood and stone to keep them looking beautiful, here are some tips for restoring, cleaning and maintaining natural flooring. Continue reading

home extension image

There are many different reasons why you might need more space in your home. Whether your family has grown larger, your children need their own rooms, you have started working from home or an elderly parent is moving in, you may find that you just don’t have enough room anymore. Continue reading

alexandra palace architecture

There are some fantastic local buildings that showcase the range and standard of North London architecture. Here are our picks of just a few of the more interesting architectural examples in the area.

Alexandra Palace

Well known for some of the key entertainment events hosted here, Alexandra Palace is also a wonderful example of architecture from the 1800s. It is located in Alexandra Park, between Muswell Hill and Wood Green. Continue reading

modern family room

The modern family room is a great communal space for hanging out together, entertaining friends and finding space for some of the games and technology that you don’t necessarily want on display in your lounge or dining room. It’s an area that should be adapted to the individual needs of the family it is serving though, so needs a bit of forethought to make the most of the space available. Continue reading

basement extension finished

Basement extensions are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and the trend looks as if it will continue for some time yet. There has been a lot in the news over the past few years about wealthy property owners building mega basements, but even the less wealthy are turning to basement extensions to give them some much needed additional space in their homes. Continue reading

listed building requiring planning permission

If you’re considering making improvements to a listed building, you need to know what permissions and approvals are required before you start any work. Properties become listed buildings due to being of historic or architectural interest, as decided by local planning authorities or Historic England. Continue reading