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Building Regulations

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  • What are Building Regulations?
    • The majority of developments are legally required to comply with the Building Regulations, and this is addressed through a Building Control Inspector. Building approvals are governed by the Building Act 1984 and its Regulations.Compliance with the Building Regulations is assessed though the submission of detailed plans, assessments, specialist reports, structural calculations and on site inspections.

      Achieving Building Regulations approval is separate to Planning Permission, and the drawings you will have for any planning approval will not be detailed sufficiently to address compliance with the Building Regulations.

  • I require Building Regulations approval, when do I need to address this?
    • The process for addressing Building Regulation compliance begins after obtaining all required planning consents.You cannot commence any building works until a full package addressing how your development addresses Building Regulation compliance has been prepared and issued to a Building Control Inspector for review.

  • How do I obtain Building Regulation compliance?
    • Building Regulations approval does not occur until building works are complete and have been inspected at all required stages to confirm compliance. Compliance is confirmed through the issue of a Completion Certificate that is issued by a Building Control Inspector.Prior to the commencement of works, full detailed plans and calculations are required to be submitted to a Building Control Inspector for review. It is recommended that ‘Full Plans’ approval is obtained prior to the commencement of works however, many minor and small developments commence without this.

  • Who is the Building Control Inspector?
    • You will have a choice of Building Control Inspector, and you may use either the local authority’s Building Control Inspector, or an approved private Building Control Inspector.The majority of developments are now carried out by an approved private Building Control Inspector.

  • What service does MSK Design provide to address the Building Regulations?
    • At MSK Design, we offer bespoke and complete packages to address Building Control compliance for all of our developments and for all of our clients. We offer an intelligent, creative and informed approach towards design and achieving Building Regulations compliance.Our strength is our experience.

      We specialise in designing spaces and buildings, our understanding of how buildings are put together is integrated at the design stage of all developments for all of our clients. We promote a design culture within the office that seeks to ensure what we design is buildable.

      Our design process has an understanding of how your development is going to be built, and how your development can achieve Building Regulations compliance. Our staff comprises of designers, technicians, engineers and consulting engineers that are able to discuss compliance with the Building Regulations at design stage through to completion.

      Our intelligent approach towards design has allowed us to create open plan spaces sometimes thought not possible or feasible. If you are seeking to undertake a development that seeks a creative approach towards compliance, call MSK Design for a free consultation on what we can do for you.

  • My builder claims that what he needs to do will not achieve Building Regulations compliance, what do I do?
    • For all of our clients, we offer a handover service of all construction and compliance plans. This is provided to ensure that what is proposed to be built is understood. We strongly recommend this to all clients in order to ensure that no delays are incurred during construction. If your builder has a question, we will always be available to review and respond where required.If you are not a client of ours but need assistance with your development, or find that the details your architect or designer has provided to be lacking the required detail and attention, we would be happy to help.

  • I have commenced a development without submitting any details to a Building Control Inspector, what do I do?
    • This is not an uncommon scenario.If you find yourself in this scenario, we recommend calling a senior member of the team at MSK Design to discuss how this can be remedied.

      In this scenario, it will be considered that you have commenced ‘unauthorised works’ and you will only be able to address compliance retrospectively through the local authority’s Building Control Department.

      We have assisted many people who have been badly advised on what does or does not require Building Regulations Compliance. It should be noted that failure to achieve Building Regulations compliance will have an impact on your insurance, building value, and ability to sell in the future.

  • Our Building Control Inspector has just asked us to do something that will jeopardise our design, what do we do?
    • At MSK Design, we often advise other companies and developers on how to overcome compliance obstacles through engineered and alternative approach solutions that can achieve Building Regulations compliance.If you are in a position where you find that your designer or architect is unable to achieve Building Regulations compliance, we may be able to step in and assist.

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