Can a project manager help your house renovation run to time?

project manager

In a perfect world, the team carrying out the renovation or extension of the home would be able to run like clockwork without anyone to help them. However, these are often large, complicated projects that can be hard to organise from within. When it comes to ensuring things run on time (and within budget), a project manager can be a great help. Here’s how.

Efficiency in phasing

Coordination the efforts of the different workers on the team can free up a lot more time that you might think. By understanding the different work processes necessary, the potential bottlenecks that could slow things down, and by phasing the work in an order that allows the maximum productivity at any period of time, project managers can lend the job a whole new level of efficiency.

Quick access to specialised labour

Outside of the renovation team, your project may have need of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other specialists at certain times. Without a project manager to identify and prepare for the need, it’s easy for a renovation to halt in its tracks entirely while you have to wait for the specialist to be found and implemented into the plan. Delays and cost increases can grow during the space, so having a project manager there to on-board them in advance and get them ready ASAP can help.

Have a key point of contact for any questions or changes

At various points during the project, you might have questions or feedback about progress, changes to the plan, and other matters. Without a project manager, finding the right person to speak to can be difficult. The project manager serves as the single point of contact between you and the team. This means you can more quickly have you concerns addressed, and that any issues brought up by the team can be communicated to you all the sooner.

They standardise the whole progress

Projects tend to get underway a lot sooner with the help of an experienced project manager. From putting together the specifications of the project, creating a single document outlying all the plans, and communicating construction goals with the team, it all becomes a lot more streamlined and efficient. Teams tend to work better from a pre-designed plan.

They’re used to dealing with changes and problems

Sometimes, an unforeseen issue pops up that makes it hard to progress with a project. Sometimes, you might change your mind on a certain part of plan. Project managers deal with all of these changes personally, and are used to them, so they’re much more able to quickly present options and decisions that can help work pick back up as soon and as smoothly as possible.

Hopefully, the points above demonstrate how important project managers can be for house renovations. They offer efficiency, cost effective delivery, and keep the project on track without having to pull the renovation team out of their work. At MSK Design, our project management services can help you benefit from all the advantages listed above.

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