Concerns about Construction work during Coronavirus?

Coronavirus safety builders

If you are contemplating having work done to your home during the pandemic, then you may be concerned about safety. Please be aware that there are stringent guidelines for construction businesses to keep everyone as safe as possible. However, it may be a good idea to understand the basics before your home extension, loft conversion or refurbishment work begins.

Working in the Construction industry involves contact with a variety of different people. From initial visits with customers, to surveying and architectural work, through to contractors and tradespeople on site once work has started.

The Government has set out detailed guidelines about what businesses should and shouldn’t do to ensure they are operating in a Covid safe way. You can see the most up to date guidelines on the Government website.

Each business owner is responsible for ensuring they are up to date with the restrictions and guidance in the geographical area in which they operate. There is a need to take into consideration the ever-changing environment we are currently in. This guidance can change frequently. So it’s imperative that businesses are reviewing the requirements on a regular basis.

How to Keep Yourself Safe when Work Starts on your Home

In any initial meetings, ask for the company’s policy on COVID-19 and what procedures they have in place.

Wear a mask for any face to face meetings and stay away from the area where work is taking place as much as possible.

Clean more often that you usually would.

Adhere to social distancing wherever possible.

Keep windows open to improve airflow. If you can shut yourself up in an area of the house where work isn’t taking place then this is ideal.

Sign up for NHS Test and Trace and ask everyone working on site to do the safe.

Make it clear that anyone showing any symptoms must be turned away.

If there are vulnerable people in the house or the very elderly. It may be a better idea to ask them to stay with family during this time if possible, or if not and the work is not essential, to wait until the pandemic has passed.

Whilst it’s always nice to make teas and coffees and offer the odd biscuit to any workers, this may not be the best time to do it. If you do, ensure all cups and spoons etc. are thoroughly cleaned. Best of all, ask them to bring their own to use.

If work is happening outside then try and limit all contact and speak via. Any decent business will respect your wishes. The less contact with people, the less chance of spreading the virus.

Be mindful that this is a difficult time for businesses and things may take longer than usual. Delivery of materials can be delayed. Reducing contact by having different types of trades people working on different days is absolutely the right thing to do, but again, this may mean the job takes longer than you would normally expect.

In conclusion, providing that all involved are working safely and adhering to Government Guidelines for their area, there is no reason why work can’t take place.

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