modern family room

The modern family room is a great communal space for hanging out together, entertaining friends and finding space for some of the games and technology that you don’t necessarily want on display in your lounge or dining room. It’s an area that should be adapted to the individual needs of the family it is serving though, so needs a bit of forethought to make the most of the space available.

Whether you’re extending to build a new family room, adapting an existing space or just improving the family room you already have, it’s well worth getting the advice of an architect to find out what can done and how you can get the best possible layout for what you need. An architect will be used to coming up with unique ideas and solutions to problems that you might not even have considered

They will also have a much better idea of how you can comfortably use space – it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to fit as much as possible into a room, but if furniture is all on top of each other or storage is difficult to access then it’s just not going to work in the long run.

Here are some of the main areas to consider when planning a modern family room and which you should discuss with your architect.

Play area

Particularly for families with small children, a family room is great for keeping some of the mess generated by various toys and games contained, allowing some semblance of tidiness to prevail in the rest of the house. If your family room is going to be used as a playroom then you’ll need to ensure that there is enough floor space left clear for little ones to play comfortably without furniture getting in the way or causing a hazard. Toys and games need to be easily accessible but also easy to clear away afterwards. You might want to have an area where bean bags are used for casual and comfy seating and can be moved around easily to make the space more flexible.

An architect can help you come up with ideas for built in storage as well as how to divide the room up into different areas for play and other activities for the older members of the family. Not all rooms are square and an architect can also help you use odd shaped areas to your advantage.


Even if the family room isn’t going to be used as a playroom, good storage space is essential. Whether you opt for built in storage or want free standing furniture that can be moved around as the family evolves, an architect will help you come up with ingenious ideas for creating a room that hides clutter and keeps the mess at bay.


Modern entertainment and technology very often go hand in hand. Whether your family likes to watch movies together on a large screen, prefers to rock out together with Guitar Hero on a games console or needs an area for access to the main computer, chances are that you’re going to have to incorporate some form of technology into your new family room. Someone who is familiar with the latest innovations and trends in home design may have some useful ideas on how you can do this without having a room full of unsightly (and sometimes dangerous) wires and cables. Getting an architect involved will allow you to build technology friendly features into the room rather than just tacking them on afterwards.

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