Oakleigh Park South – Residential Development in London

Large residential development in Whetstone, London

Site inspection showing the progress of the ground works for this extension in London.

The site is being excavated with a digger, the depth of the footings need to factor in the impact of an Oak tree that is located within 6m of the nearest footing. At this distance, according to NHBC standards the stability of the soil requires us to excavate 3m below the base of the tree. Due to the natural slope of the site (property is located on a hill) the effective depth of the footing can be achieved with a 2m dig, as the slab level is set 1m below the base of the tree.

In order to preserve the roots of the tree and also to implement cost efficiencies in the formation of the footings, the foundation adopts a pad and beam design, to minimise costs.

The building control inspector has visited the site today and confirmed the depth of the footings and condition of the soil is acceptable. The site is now ready for the concrete pour.

  • Site Visit 5
    • rear extension in WhetstoneRear elevation, cavity wall has been built to the roof soffit level, rafters to the main roof are now being completed.

      extension, scaffolding going upScaffolding has been erected to the rear to allow access all around the two storey rear extension.

      two storey extension in progressCatnic lintel in place for window, ridge board has been extended to receive new raters over two storey rear extension.

      roof work for extensionNew rafters have been mechanically fixed to the wall plate of the new cavity wall with a birds-mouthed timber junction.

      master bedroom view of worksA view into the new master bedroom, the shell and structure works are almost complete.

      master bedroom window viewView across the scaffold at first floor level, facing the new window of the new master bedroom.

  • Site Visit 4
    • whetstone extension work awaiting building controlStreet elevation. Ground works to front extension have commenced awaiting site inspection from the building control inspector before concrete is pumped in.

      pitched roof for new extensionRear elevation, works have progressed on the first floor extension with the commencement of works on the pitched roof structure.

      steelwork in placeClose up view of the junction where the first floor timbers connect into the new steelwork. New block work to the first floor extension can also be seen built off the new steelwork.

  • Site Visit 3
    • building work in progressRear elevation. Works to the first floor extension have commenced. Joists to the roof and new first level have been put in place.

      extension to property in LondonAlternative angle to the rear elevation, showing the projection of the first floor extension.

      living room, new extensionAlternative angle to the rear elevation, looking into the new living room.

      rear wall viewLooking at the existing rear wall of the dwelling, The new steel beams are now installed at first floor level, to receive the blockwork and joists at first floor level.

      first floor steel beamsLooking across the main steel beams at first floor level.

      extension work is well under wayLooking out into the garden from the new Living area.

      looking at the garden from original wallLooking out into the garden from the original rear wall of the dwelling. The extent of the extension can be seen from here.

  • Site Visit 2
    • Ground works to frontStreet elevation. Ground works to front extension have commenced awaiting site inspection from the building control inspector before concrete is pumped in.

      around floor extension workRear elevation. Works to the ground floor extension has commenced with the erection of cavity walls up to first floor level. Walls are formed with a block on the outer and inner leaf , and cavity fully filled with insulation. The external finish of the wall will be a painted textured render.

      lounge area as part of extension workLooking out from the new living area, the support to the sliding door opening is in place.

      ready for timber joistsThe first half of the new beam to the rear wall is in place, ready to receive timber joists.

  • Site Visit 1
    • Construction and renovations of London propertyTrenches being excavated by digger

      Crouch End works in progressTrenches excavated ready for concrete pour

      Oakley park south property in developmentConcrete foundation pour underway

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