Quinta Drive, Extension in Barnet, North London

Large residential extension in Barnet, North London. This project involved the need for an architectural design of contemporary rear extension that is linked into a garage conversion involving major alterations. Click on the site visit reports for more photos of the progress on this job.

  • Site Visit 3
    • Architectural Project Quinta DriveRear elevation showing progress of works to the new roof over the converted garage, which has now been finished in a matching tile to blend in with the existing roof to the converted outbuilding.

      on site at Quinta Drive designed architecturallyView looking down the passageway of the new annex. The floor slab has been levelled and poured. The floor slab is now ready to receive insulation and underfloor heating pipework.

      Looking into the converted garage area from the converted outbuilding. The timber studwork in position is to form a new accessible bathroom. The timber stud wall is also providing support to the new timber roof structure.

      internal view of projectLooking into the converted garage, the new bedroom. The new roof is in place and insulation at rafter level has commenced.

  • Site Visit 2
    • North London architectural project outside viewRear elevation showing progression of the brickwork to the ground floor extension.

      second site visit imagesWorks to the garage conversion are in progress.

      View of rear extensionView across stepped rear elevation to the ground floor extension. The cavity wall to ceiling level has been completed.

      cavity wallDetail of the cavity wall from DPC level.

      work progressing nicelyView looking down the passage of the new annex connection junction between the existing dwelling and the modified outbuilding and garage.

      Doorway architecturally designed by MSK DesignNew structural opening to facilitate an internal door.

      roof of the converted garage as part of developmentWorks to the roof of the converted garage have commenced, to create a new bedroom with ensuite.

      Garage conversion with party wall agreements in mind architecturally designed by MSK DesignView across new roof over converted garage. The boundary wall is shared with the neighbour, as the garage structure is joined to a garage on the neighbouring plots. The boundary wall has been raised as part of these works to facilitate the new raised roof, forming a parapet to enable adequate waterproofing to the roof of the neighbouring garage. All works at this junction are in accordance with the party wall agreement established on this development.

  • Site Visit 1
    • foundations completed and start of brickworkRear elevation. Ground works have progressed with the excavation and filling of foundations. Brickwork has commenced to the ground floor extension.

      opening up of outbuilding to link to new extensionExisting outbuilding is being opened up to receive the new link to the existing dwelling through the new rear extension. The works to the cavity wall are at various stages on this view, with part of the wall just taken to DPC level.

      view of extensionView across new sliding door to the rear extension. DPC can be seen at door threshold.

      corner junction cavity wallDetail of cavity wall built up at corner junction. Concrete block has been used below ground level, on the outer leaf engineering brick has been used from 150mm below ground level up to DPC level, and then matching facing brickwork is used from DPC level upwards.

      checking workOn site checking of brick course levels.

      Rear view from annexView from the new annex looking back onto the rear of the dwelling.

      The work for this North London home architecturally designed by MSKLooking to the rear from the passageway of the new annex, along the new beam to the converted outbuilding.

      View looking across the new rear living room.

      hoarding and strutting in placeLevel changes to the converted garage. Hoarding and strutting in place for the new reinforced retaining walls, which have just been poured. Original roof is still in place to provide cover over the ground works at this stage.

      new wallNew retaining wall behind position of new staircase.

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