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Looking to increase the size of your home? Maybe you would just like to increase the size of your kitchen? Whatever it may be, MSK Design’s team of Architectural specialists will always seek to tailor your new extension towards your spatial needs, taste and budget whilst maximising your development potential.

Okay, so you have an idea of what you need (more space) however, have you ever thought about how you would like to live in that space? At MSK Design, we work with our clients to inspire a successful way of living. We seek to provide lifestyle spaces for all of our clients and can provide guidance on alternative modes of living as part of our standard service.

Our integrated approach to design allows us to serve clients with differing requirements, as our interest is always focused on the end user. Whether you are on a tight budget or looking for hi-end residential, we undertake a range of developments that can make the most of your home. For clients in-between, we can value engineer works and fit-out items to give a high-end, period, contemporary, timeless or fusion look on a budget. View our portfolio on residential extensions for an insight into what we can do.

We are a multi-discipline design practice. This is a benefit when working with us as we will have a good understanding on how we can gain planning permission and build your development before we present it to you. This also allows us to work effectively and efficiently with clients, contractors and suppliers without wasting time and money on unbuildable schemes.

Our first step to extending your home will begin with identifying your planning route. The type of extension your property can achieve will very much vary depending on its planning status. We need to establish if your property can be extended through ‘permitted development’, full planning permission, or whether it will be a combination of both. View our planning pages for more information on the planning process and how we can generate a planning strategy to maximise the development potential of your home.

Experienced Architectural Designers

At MSK Design, we have over 10 years’ experience designing, extending and converting homes across London. Getting the most out of your property needs a skilled designer to address the architectural, interior and structural design at the same time as maximising your planning potential, satisfying all legal obligations and delivering on a budget.

Other than obtaining planning permission, we also provide full working drawings to issue to builders to build. This is critical for anyone seeking accurate quotes to build.

With every project, our standard services offers up to 3 designs for internal space layouts for you to consider, this also includes kitchen and bathroom designs. We will always discuss with you what your spatial requirements are and can work with you in our office or your own home to fine tune any design in CAD. Are you going to keep your furniture? – If so we will measure it and place it into your drawings.

If you are looking to maximise your development potential, and create a spatial environment that will enrich your living experience, MSK Design can take you from inception to completion and be with you every step of the way. Unable to read plans? Why not ask for them in 3D.

Seek successful living through good design that knows what you do, contact MSK Design and our team of Architectural specialists to make your home your own.

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