How we create bespoke residential spaces in London

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Working to create the perfect residential space takes experience, expertise, and heaps of creativity. A lot of people stumble when they try to handle this task for themselves, finding it difficult to plan their perfect space, while also being frustrated by the red tape and paperwork which comes with this sort of job.

Here at MSK, our dedicated team of designers and engineers is perfectly suited to this sort of job. Having worked on countless properties over the years, we’ve got the experience required to make something beautiful, and every one of our places is unique. Who exactly are our services designed for, though?

The Types of Residential Property MSK Works With

Our capable team is able to work on just about any property you could imagine. With decades of combined experience, we have the skills to complete all manner of jobs, whether they’re big or small, and you can find some examples of the sort of work we do below.

– Extensions, Loft Conversions, & Basements: Adding to your home or converting part of it which is already there can be a monumental task. Not only can we help you with the design and built itself, but our legal team can also provide support with paperwork and planning permits.

New Houses & Apartments/Student Flats: Building a place from scratch involves a lot of precise planning, and the work which goes into this will often be far too much for normal people to cope with. We can handle all of the complex work which comes with this, including the design and build itself.

– Renovations & Restorations: Turning a place into something new takes a lot of work. Our design team has a lot of experience when it comes to seeing the potential in a space and can help you to realise this with a range of designs to show you what your place could look like.

– Commercial to Residential Conversions: Turning commercial buildings into apartments, student flats, and other living spaces is becoming increasingly common in the modern world. Whether you want a space for yourself or are developing as an investment, MSK is the right team for your project.

Who Do We Work With?

We’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of different clients over the years. Many of our clients are regular homeowners looking to make their place look and feel more special, though we’ve also had the chance to work with loads of businesses, too.

Investors will be happy with our rapid turnaround times and quality results, while developers will benefit from having all of the complex paperwork handled for them. Even estate agents and builders have come to MSK for help before, and we’ve always worked hard to ensure that we meet their spatial needs.

You can get in contact using the convenient contact forms on our website or give us a call on 02030212236. Our friendly team is always happy to help and support you, even if you’d just like to make an enquiry.

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