How do North London Architects Work?

architectural example in North London

Most people assume that an architect spends the majority of their time designing new homes to be built from scratch, but that is not necessarily the case. An architect in North London is more likely to work on home extensions or loft conversions because many people in the area prefer to increase the space in their home rather than moving. It is a very densely populated area and property in London, in general, is a very big asset.

Many people find that as their family starts to grow and their needs change, they want to make adjustments to their home and extend it or convert rooms for a different use so they can get the additional space that they need without the need to move or build an entirely new home.

If you are considering a home extension or a loft conversion and you plan to hire an architect in North London, you may be wondering what their process looks like and how they will bring your vision of your dream home to life.

Planning a Home Extension

Planning Route

The first step in any home extension is to identify what your planning route will be. If you are going to extend your home, you will need to apply for planning permission of some kind, and your architect will walk you through this process. It is important to consider planning first because this gives you an idea of what you are actually able to build. This will help the architect when they are working with you to create initial designs because they have a clear idea of what options are available to you.

Planning applications in a densely populated area like North London can be difficult because you need to ensure that your extension will not encroach on any other properties. A good architect in North London will have an extensive knowledge of local and national planning regulations, and they will be able to help you ensure that your application is successful by designing an extension that meets the guidelines. You can find more information on planning permission in North London here.

Information Gathering

Next, the architect will begin gathering the general information that they need to get started. This will include discussions with the client about what they want out of their extension and their initial design ideas. The architect will also create as-built drawings of the property in its current state with existing floor plans etc. They may also contact a surveyor to conduct a survey of the property and incorporate this into their as-built drawings.

Schematic Designs

Armed with all of the information that they need, an architect in North London can now start the design process. They will typically create 2 or 3 designs, incorporating different design ideas that they have discussed with the client. These will be schematic designs that show the outline for the proposed build without a lot of the smaller details. At this stage, the architect will start discussing options for materials with the client.

Design Development

Once the overall structure of the building has been agreed upon with the client, the architect will then develop the design and create more detailed pictures. These will include details of all of the materials to be used, and the layout of the interiors. Things like the door and window openings and the placement of furniture, for example, will be incorporated here.

When the architect has a final design, they will draw up construction documents. These will be submitted when applying for planning applications and used by the contractor once the project is underway.

Loft Conversions

The process of an architect in North London is very similar when designing a loft conversion, although there are some differences.

They will still create as-built documents and these will be used to determine whether your home can take the weight of a loft conversion and whether there is enough head room to make the loft a viable space for a bedroom or office space, for example.

Loft conversions still require planning permission, so the architect will take you through the process and submit their full plans before the project is underway. The design development process is much the same but it is often quicker because the overall structure of the building is not likely to change that much.

This is the basic procedure that an architect in North London will follow when designing a home extension or loft conversion for your home. If you find that you are running short on space and you want to make alterations to your home to accommodate a change in your lifestyle, get in touch with an architect in North London today and they will be able to help you get the process started.

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