Loft Style Living in London

Loft Style Aparment London

If there is one trend that has swept across the world, it’s loft-style living. The different development layouts and the designs have blossomed, and it’s possible to find a range of styles depending on the city or the region in which you are living. One of the reasons loft-style living has become so popular is because of the fact we are living in smaller apartments and making the most of it. Cue the birth of the loft apartment!

Loft development styles are changing over time, and more and more people are finding office buildings and choosing a change of use from commercial to residential.

What is a Loft Apartment?

If you are looking for large, open spaces that can convert from industrial buildings to home apartments, you are in the right place with loft-style apartments. Industrial buildings have higher ceilings and mostly do not have internal walls save for the bathroom. This means that they are largely open plan, and you can see exposed brick and pipework as much as you can see the open wood and concrete, too.

Minimalist living is more common in loft style apartments, and the whole aim is to create a light and airy space – and you can do exactly that with loft-style apartments created out of industrial spaces.

What is Loft Living?

Those who live in loft style apartments created from industrial buildings know how different it can feel living in an “open” place. It has its own culture, with artists and photographers especially utilising these spaces to live in. The high ceilings and large windows allow natural light to flood through, with it becoming the perfect place to explore their creativity.

Crafting loft apartments from commercial buildings enhances the idea of light, space and open-plan living, and with the exposed brick and pipework, the design is very industrial. You can sometimes find duplex loft apartments with stairs, but the upstairs mezzanine is usually reserved for sleeping!


A loft apartment usually comes from a converted commercial building, so you expect a lot of industrial features. Exposed ventilation tubes, brick walls and exposed piping are all the norm in loft apartments. You can include bare columns and visible beams, too.

If you are looking to develop a brand new loft style apartment, you need to apply for change of use from commercial to residential to make it happen. With the expertise at MSK Design you can get the loft style living you want with the right permission. You can also achieve bringing your vision for your home to life with our expertise.

Contact us now and chat to one of our experts about what to do next with your home plans. You deserve a beautiful home to live in and if you have plans in place, let us help. We can put you in touch with our friendly professionals who will talk you through the whole process and get started on yet another successful loft apartment build. Are you ready to get started?

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