A London Architect can improve Your Home

London Architect Plans

Buying a home in London often involves a great deal of effort and expense. If a home is well built, and in a suitable part of London, it can cost millions of pounds. Even smaller homes can be very costly, and so many Londoners are turning to home alteration in order to purchase a reasonably priced house, and then convert it into the place of their dreams. Some are even purchasing run-down houses in order to ‘do them up’ for resale, or to ensure that they can afford to live close to work or schools.

When you need to make changes to your home, a London architect can really help you. They can advise you about the best types of structures for your needs, including loft conversions, ground floor extensions, and even developing houses or land for commercial purposes. By talking to the experts, homeowners can find the ideal solution to their needs, including bespoke conversions and extensions, project planning, and compliance assistance, including applications for building control and planning permission. A London architect can talk you through the design and planning, or even assist you in subdividing a building into flats or other kinds of conversion.

Business owners may also benefit from the advice of a London architect. Many former commercial properties have now been converted into homes, flats or even office buildings, and others are in the process of being transformed from industrial or port-based properties into more viable commercial centres. This may mean completely transforming the building, and applying for planning permission at every stage of the conversion. Applications to change the purpose of a building, for example from a home into a business, or from a warehouse into a restaurant may also benefit from the assistance of an experienced London Architect.

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