London Architects Don’t Just Design Houses

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People love to live in spaces that serve their purpose. Additionally, people also take pride in living in houses they’ve styled or designed themselves.

Architects can put clients’ needs and expectations into the final output with a strong design background. In other words, the merging of function, quality and aesthetics turns a building into a home. An architect does more than design homes, and below are some examples.

Sourcing Materials and Labour

An architect responsible for a building project oversees the sourcing of building materials and labour. Building materials come in different grades and qualities. For that reason, it requires an expert eye to choose the best from the lot.

Apart from the grades and quality, the architect checks for performance elements in the materials and labour they settle for. Durability, user experience and cost-efficiency are also dominant factors an architect will look out for when sourcing materials and labour.

Although all these materials can be sourced from the open market, an experienced architect will do the following. First, they will check their professional networks and information sources like Architectural Digest magazines, Azure, and others before deciding what building materials and type of labour to commit to. All these checks are essential to the final product the client will pay for in the long run.


No architect begins a project without putting thoughts on paper. Planning is a significant part of an architect’s job as it ensures that everything has been carried out according to standards and client satisfaction. Usually, the lead architect takes over the planning aspect and ensures instructions are followed to the letter. Planning involves the following:

  • Examining the building design
  • Evaluating proximity of surrounding buildings
  • Building permits and adherence to local regulations

Although the examination of the building design is initially done through computer software, it provides adequate information on whether the actual building is feasible or not. Any recalculation that needs to be done is carried out with the building software. This is before the foundation is done on land.

Project Design

The project architect is strictly responsible for the project design, going strictly by the book. This entails checking for all the technical aspects of the design. It also involves assessing a detailed design that meets the initial concept and vision of the architect without forgetting the client as well. The project design ensures that the architect responsible for the project gives clearance to the overall safety of the building. Any mishap or error detected on the building can be attributed to an oversight at this project stage.

Interior Design

The interior design blends space planning and architecture to create an aesthetically pleasing functional area. Most people, however, assume that interior design is only about the arrangement of furniture and other items to make a place look beautiful. Although this is true to some extent, it is only a part of the whole. The harmony between the building’s interior, function and purpose go into creating an excellent design you will love others to see when they come over.

The architects London has to offer are highly competitive and do not compromise on world-class quality.

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