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Our Commercial Architecture services offer all that you need to carry out the architectural requirements of your business. We are specialists in the field and have worked on a variety of projects over the years that we have been providing Commercial Architecture services. When you have plans to grow your business, you need support from architectural services that can meet your business goals. At MSK Design, we tailor our services to the budget and time frame that you set. Whether you want to expand your commercial property, plan a new housing development, seek necessary planning permission for your business or something else, we can help.


Our planning advice offers you an important service to extend your team and get the job done. We make it our aim to integrate with your business and its needs, helping you to make smart planning decisions and quickly meet your business goals. Our priority services are designed to help you get things done faster, with the possibility of delivering within 24 to 48 hours. There are various occasions when you might need a fast turnaround, and you can rely on us to provide the planning services that you require. We help to simplify the planning process for our commercial clients so you can save time and money.


Our Commercial Architectural services include offering valuable advice on a range of issues. We can help businesses that want to develop or expand their existing property, or that want to carry out a commercial change of use for their buildings. We are also experts in advising on planning permission for commercial property, including shop fronts and signage, in addition to design, architectural and interior design for various businesses, including cafes, restaurants and offices. We offer planning services for alterations to mixed use developments, as well as for housing developments, blocks of flats and the public and private sector. Planning feasibility studies are also available for land that you intend to use for development, helping you to decide how best to develop the area for maximum profit.


Navigating the planning and building control policies required of commercial developments can be tricky, but we aim to make it cheaper and quicker to do so. Our experts combine their knowledge and experience with that of other professionals to deliver comprehensive planning and building services. We can assist with keeping costs down to provide affordable solutions for housing development, acoustic design, fire safety strategies, planning statements, and more.


Are you a property developer, business owner, estate agent or another person or entity working in the commercial sphere? We can provide the services that you require to carry out your business objectives. We make the complexity of the commercial planning process simpler to navigate and help to ensure that you are making a profit, instead of losing money. We use our knowledge and experience to create schemes and strategies that work for you and can even troubleshoot rejected planning applications and other problems.


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