Planning – Loft Conversions

Loft Conversion

The preferred route for all properties wanting a loft conversion is ‘permitted development’ however, not all properties will be eligible.

If you are a converted property (a flat) or a property of mixed use, you will not be eligible for permitted development and will need to seek full planning permission.

However, if you are a single household dwelling that is not in a conservation area, a listed building or with an Article 4 direction imposed on it, it is likely that you will be eligible for permitted development.

In any case, we will confirm your status before we enter your home to help you with your planning for your loft conversion.

Many properties across the UK will benefit from ‘permitted development’. If your property is eligible, your loft conversion will be designed within the additional volume permitted for its classification. Properties that may have converted a hipped roof to a gable end and/or built a full width rear dormer are most likely to have achieved this under ‘permitted development’.

Works carried out under ‘permitted development’ are often addressed as developments that do not require planning permission however, this is only correct if all criteria listed under the General Permitted Development Order are met. At MSK Design, for all developments carried out under ‘permitted development’, a ‘certificate of lawfulness’ is always obtained from the local authority to confirm planning compliance, and to provide peace of mind for all clients. Please also note that this is now something that is often required when selling your property, which may not be until years after the works are completed.

If your property is in a conservation area, is a listed building or has an article 4 direction imposed on it, you will need to gain full planning permission to convert the loft space. If you are not sure what any of these mean or if any of these items do apply to your property don’t panic, we will always confirm what the status of your property is before any consultation.

Gaining planning permission for a loft conversion can at times be complex, as planning polices for the preferred size, orientation and shape of dormers vary from borough to borough. Some boroughs are also against the conversion of hipped roofs to gables however in some cases, we have managed to engineer full planning consent through the use of planning strategies.

Have you already tried and failed to achieve planning permission? Why not let us review your scheme for free.

At MSK Design, we have worked with many planning departments across London and now hold a wealth of planning knowledge on loft conversions that allows us to deliver our schemes quicker.  It is also the reason why so many of our clients including some of London’s leading loft conversion companies have found our services to be more affordable.