How to get your planning permission approved first time

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You’ve just secured the property of your dreams. It’s a fixer-upper with amazing potential. Or perhaps you’ve acquired a plot that’s just bursting with promise. You have big ideas and even bigger ambitions for the property or plot and you’re raring to go. There’s just one snag- overcoming the administrative hurdles before the project can begin in earnest. Whatever grand designs you have in mind for your newly acquired property, it’s likely that you’ll need planning permission from your local authority. And this isn’t always easy to come by. The to-and-fro with local bodies that results when planning permission is denied and re-submitted can be immensely frustrating. What’s more, it can potentially place a strangle hold on your cash flow.

Knowing what local authorities are looking for in a planning application can go a long way towards avoiding this protracted push and pull. Let’s look at some ways in which you can tick all the boxes and get your planning permission approved first time!

Start with quality designs
Quality in the design phase is the key to attaining planning permission the first time no matter what the nature of your project. Whether you’re planning an extension or a brand-new build, the intricacies of the design process can make all the difference between whether planning permission is granted or not.

Research planning policies that might pertain to you
Even with impeccable design, planning permission can still be denied, when developers fail to research local planning policies that pertain to their projects. Local Planning Authorities can have multiple overlapping policies in their development plan and it’s important to know which may influence the outcome of your application. These usually relate to material planning considerations such as;

● Overlooking/ loss of privacy for neighbours
● Overshadowing other properties
● Environmental impacts such as loss of or effect on trees and other plant life
● Noise or disturbance
● Layout and density of building design
● Vehicle access or impact on surrounding highways such as traffic generation.

Communicate with your planning officer
Developing a positive relationship with your planning officer is highly advantageous as they will have the deciding voice in your application.

Maintaining communications throughout the application process is critical as this can help you to stay proactive and preempt issues before they become problems.

Invest where it matters most
As a cost-conscious developer you’ll likely want to keep a close eye on the purse strings. However, it’s important to invest where it matters the most for your application to go through the first time without a hitch. Hiring the right professional assistance in the design phase and throughout the application process can make all the difference.

How we can help
At MSK Design we are highly experienced and adept when it comes to architectural design. We can work in accordance with local guidelines to ensure that their requirements are incorporated into your project at the design stage. What’s more, we can guide you through the application process and ensure that communications with local authorities are effective and harmonious.

Don’t let your project fall at the first hurdle. Get in touch today to see how our stellar design services can help your project to get off to the best possible start.

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