Some of the Worlds Most Amazing Hotels

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Wherever you travel in the world, there are bound to be plenty of hotels to pick from. Sometimes, we’ll opt for something budget that will put a roof over our head for the night before we continue on our adventures the next day. But sometimes, the places we stay can have just as much impact on our overall experience of a trip as the landscape, local cuisine, entertainment, and sights that we see. So, we might want to choose somewhere a little more inspiring. Architects have worked around the world to create some truly stunning and stand-out hotels. So, let’s take a moment to admire a few! Here are some of our favourites!

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel by Ilmiodesign

Located on Ibiza’s North-West coast, this pastel toned, art deco masterpiece has been handed to us by Ilmiodesign. Anything dubbed an “art hotel” in its title is bound to turn heads, but these lodgings live up to their name and don’t disappoint with their Hotel Architecture. When you book in, you stay in candy coloured rooms and can lounge in the transparent lobby space. This is a real alternative option in comparison to other places offered on this renowned party island!

Emiliano Hotel by Oppenheim Architecture and Studio Arthur Casas

We’ve all wanted to visit Copacabana Beach at some point or another. If you manage to hit it when you head to Brazil, you can really make the most of it by staying at Emiliano Hotel, which overlooks the world famous beach! Designed by Oppenheim Architecture and Studio Arthur Casas, it has a rooftop swimming pool that has innovative glass sides.

The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon by Basalt Architects

The Blue Lagoon is a location that the majority of visitors are making their way to for aesthetic reasons. Iceland has plenty of natural heated pools to offer, but the Blue Lagoon is unique in its soft, blue toned waters and their contrast against the deep grey rocks surrounding them. So, any architect tasked with coming up with accommodation in this space is up against a highly visual crowd with high expectations from the get go. The Retreat Suites designed by Basalt Architects hit the mark. Nestled into lava formations and facing onto the world famous waters, this Hotel Architecture excels in looking the part without drawing attention away from the landmark.

Tierra Chiloe by Mobil Arquitectos

Moving from Iceland to Chile, we present the Tierra Chiloe by Mobil Arquitectos. This truly is a boutique hotel. Perched on a grassy hill on the main island of Chile’s Chiloe archipelago, this space offers stunning, sprawling views of the surroundings through oversized glass windows and sliding doors. This hotel’s design isn’t limited to what we can see above ground either. It is a feat of work that reaches underground, offering guests a spa in what is essentially its cellar. Clad with wooden shingles, it complements nearby traditional churches, despite its ultra modern design.

There are, of course, many more stunning hotels out there. But these are just a few of our favourites that you might want to add to your list of inspirational commercial architecture designs!

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