House Extension designed by MSK

If you love where you live but are finding that you could do with some extra space in your home, getting an Architect to design the perfect extension can not only give you a bit more room to breathe but also really transform your home into something very special.

There are many different ways to extend your home, including adding a conservatory, building extra rooms, converting a basement or doing a loft conversion. Before deciding on an extension it’s important to think about what you want the extra space for and which type of extension will best meet this need. Certain types of extension are also more suited to certain homes – for instance for a loft conversion to provide living space the ceiling height needs to be adequate. Choosing the right type of extension for your requirements will ensure that it transforms your home into a place you’ll want to stay indefinitely.

Try to think long term too. Will the extra room you want to use as a playroom also work when your children are a bit older? Are you planning to have more children further down the line and if so is it worth ensuring you add enough space now for this eventuality?

As well as giving you additional living space, an extension can transform your home in other ways too. By discussing your requirements with an Architect you can gain a professional view of what will and won’t work and potentially they may come up with suggestions as to the best ways to use the extra space.

Additional natural light

Ensuring the extension allows lots of natural light in will make the new spaces especially welcoming as well as allowing the rooms to be used for a variety of purposes. Using large areas of glazing, such as sliding doors or extra large windows can make a big difference in how bright a room is, or you can consider using rooflights or glass bricks to allow more light in.

You can use natural light to really brighten up not only the room that’s been built but also the rooms it connects to. Getting an architect to come up with ideas of different ways of connecting rooms to really make the most of transferring natural light can make a huge difference to how the rest of the house feels and gets used.

Outside in living

Being able to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year will also make your home more valuable both to you while you’re living in it and to future buyers. Think about how you can bring the outside inside in different ways. Is it worth having a balcony added when building up so that you can enjoy a cup of tea outside in the summer and allow a bigger outdoor view through the glazed doors in the winter? For downstairs extensions having large glazed doors will make your garden a further extension to your home in the summer and allow you to enjoy the sunlight even on chilly winter days.


The materials you choose for your extension will also make a big difference to how your home meets your needs. Think about the type of flooring and walls you’d like and how they will complement your lifestyle as well as any furniture you already have that you’re planning to use in the new extension.

For instance would hard flooring be more practical downstairs so that kids can run in and out of the house without worrying about carpets? Or is a luxurious pile underfoot more suited to the cosy environment you’re envisioning?

Wall thickness, insulation and double glazing will also make a difference in how easy it is to keep your home at a comfortable temperature so ensure that your architect is taking this into account as well.

An extension will add value no matter what purely as a result of the extra space it provides, but thinking about other ways it can transform your home will mean that you get even more out of it than just square footage. And as well as adding value to your home you will have a space that perfectly suits you and your family’s needs for the long term. You could use the space to create that amazing family room you’ve always wanted, an office to work in or additional living space. Whatever your need, working with an Architect with experience of architecturally designing properties on your project will guarantee the best results for you.

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